Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oracle: ORA-00600 raised when creating triggers on 11g using JDeveloper or SQL Developer

While I was preparing my database migration script for my project to satisfy specific version requirements, and as usual test it against database before submitting it to QA team. I got the following error with each "CREATE TRIGGER":

It was a very strange behaviour for me, and I contacted my DB team to get help, and logged a support on Oracle Metalink. Because it always works previously on 10g but my new environment is 11g.

It is a bug in oracle and there are bugs logged for this issue:
  1. Bug 10174125
  2. Bug 10094416 is fixed in 12.1 release.


At the beginning of my script, I have added the following alter line:

And at the end of the script add the following alter:

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