Thursday, June 2, 2011

ADF: How to Programmatically Disclose a Row in ADF Faces Table

If you have defined the detailStamp facet on an ADF Faces Table, you can disclose the content of this facet using the expand/collapse icon rendered at the beginning of the row.

Sometimes, you want to programmatically disclose this content, for example when the user adds a new row, it is convenient that alle inout fields in the detailStamp facet are displayed right away.
In ADF 10.1.3, the following code used to work:

RowKeySet rks = table.getDisclosureState();
In ADF 11, implementation has slightly changed. Since a tree binding is now also used to render plain tables, we need to pass in a list of keys, the key path. Unlike a tree or treeTable, the path is always one level deep, so we can create a list with just the key of the row we want to disclose:

RowKeySet rks = table.getDisclosedRowKeys();
List keyList = Collections.singletonList(row.getKey());
Note that when you actually use this code when adding a new row, the primary key must be pre-populated by the model. This is required anyway with the current ADF 11.1.3 release, as is documented in the JDeveloper release notes (JDeveloper 6894412).

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