Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weblogic: Enable JPA 2 on WebLogic Server Version:

I worked on JDeveloper then but the two versions bundled with Weblogic Server Version 11g (

I decided to work with JPA version 2, but when you use the eclipselink_v2 and use specific features in the API that is related to version 2, you will get the following error:

After a while I found a work around to enable the JPA2 on Weblogic Server Version 11g (

Follow the following steps and the server will be happy with the JPA2:
  1. Stop the Weblogic server if it is running.

  2. Navigate to <%SERVER_INSTALLATION_PATH%>\wlserver_10.3\common\bin

  3. Edit commEnv.cmd

  4. Search for the line 'set JAVA_USE_64BIT=false'.

  5. Add the following line under it

    set PRE_CLASSPATH=%MODULES_DIR%\javax.persistence_1.0.0.0_2-0-0.jar;%MODULES_DIR%\

  6. Start the server

  7. Test your JPA2 implementation and the server should be happy now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

JavaOne 2012: NIO.2 Session and HOL lab announced at Oracle sites

Here is the links for CON2718 - The Power of Java 7 NIO.2, and HOL2846 - The Power of Java 7 NIO.2 by Example, materials, media and presentations for the conference sessions.

Here is the links
1- The announced blog entry: JavaOne 2012 - The Power of Java 7 NIO.2

2- The CON2718 - The Power of Java 7 NIO.2 media and presentation.

3- The HOL2846 - The Power of Java 7 NIO.2 by Example, material and instruction documents.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

JavaOne 2012: HOL 2846-NIO2 code and material

First of all I would like to thank all attendees for their attendance to my session and HOL.

It was not easy day, there was a lot of pepole from all over the world attending the session & HOL, so I hope that all of you get what you want and finds the session and HOL lab useful to.

For session presentation and also HOL lab document they will be published by oracle after the conference ends.

And based on requests for the HOL "code and material" please find the following link contains:

1- the project source code.
2- HOL material and instructions documents.

If there are any questions you are welcome by comments or mail.

Link: JavaOne 2012: HOL 2846-NIO2 code and material