Wednesday, December 4, 2013

JavaDay 2013: JCP & Adopt Kick off & What’s new in Java SE, EE, ME, Embedded world & new Strategy

"What’s new in Java SE, EE, ME, Embedded world & the new Strategy" and "Drive yourself, community with JCP & adopts to professionalism" sessions

I would like to share my successfully Java day story, and my happens by the response of my last event.

I have successfully ran a JCP Kick off session titled "Drive yourself, community with JCP & adopts to professionalism" 2 hours followed by a session titled "What’s new in Java SE, EE, ME, Embedded world & new Strategy" for also 2 hours, last Saturday (30/11/2013) in Cairo University.

What’s new in Java SE, EE, ME, Embedded world & new Strategy;
In this presentation, I have presented the history of Java EE from v1.0 to our latest Java EE 7.0, what is new and a brief introduction to each minor and major change to existing JSRs, and new JSRs with code to show simplifications and enhancements.

Also talked about our future Java EE 8 components alongside JDK 8 with major updates and JSRs, profiling concepts and more.

Lastly, I have explained the IoT concepts with demo. Intro to the importance of Java Embedded systems world. With intro to Raspberry Pi and dukePad.

Drive yourself, community with JCP & adopts to professionalism;
This is an overview presentation about JCP organization, its roles, process, and output. With a detailed explanation of each group role and their output. In addition, to encourage community to participate in JCP, and being valuable members and experience input to the community.

Agenda for both sessions:

The attendees almost was Professionals, Students, Assistant teachers in Faculty of computer science and Doctors as well.

The main comments I got from all attendees via feedback by the end of sessions, via mails, Facebook, twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn was very positive the information they got also the content. They encourage participating in JCP program that I will lead under EGJUG.

In addition, I got a request to arrange with faculty teacher assistants to hold workshops, in their faculties sponsored by university for their students and assist teachers to get hands on experience on new Java technology as they interested to make it a curriculum in the future semesters of pre-graduate students, so the student can be ready for the market with latest tools.

I really was not except such a response but thanks God it was beyond my expectations.

With the co-operation with EGJUG, I will lead the JCP program, and we have created a participation form, collecting information to be used for participant evaluations to join the Group. And it will be sent with session materials.

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