Thursday, January 5, 2012

IDE: Oracle JDeveloper Versions vs. Oracle Weblogic Server Versions

The last ADF projects when I am trying to run ADF applications build with JDeveloper of version X on a Weblogic Server with a different ADF Runtime version Y installed, I get a very big problems especially when they got tested with QA team.

You need to make sure that the ADF Runtime versions of JDeveloper and Weblogic Server matched.

Next issue is that you can’t install the ADF Runtime on any Weblogic Server you like.

The ADF Runtime will only work with a specific Weblogic Server. As each JDeveloper version comes with its own ADF Runtime version, there is a direct connection between JDeveloper and Weblogic Server.

To help you to use the right combination use the below table:
JDeveloper (ADF Runtime)Weblogic Server + Sherman patch + Sherman patch UPDATE1

There is no backward or forward compatibility!

You don’t need to try, I’ve tested most but not all combinations and run into trouble whenever I mixed versions starting from version

For my tests I used the production code.

The application was build on JDeveloper under Window 7, the resulting ear file was deployed (using the WLS admin page) on the Weblogic Server on a HP Linux box.

The ADF Runtime installed on the WLS was downloaded from here.

Credits goes to original author Timo Hahn at his post.

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