Friday, November 23, 2012

JDK7: Part 2- The power of java 7 NIO.2 (JSR 203) (Code Examples)

Get educated with the new file I/O mechanism introduced in the JDK 7 release.

In Part 1 I introduced the important concepts about new JSR 203 shipped and delivered with the latest release of Java development kit 7.

Here I am covering the important aspects involved in developing NIO.2-based applications by examples and case studies for the concepts introduced in part 1, this will spice up your Java 7 applications with the new I/O capabilities. You will learn to develop NIO.2 applications, beginning with simple but essential stuff and gradually moving on to complex features such as sockets and asynchronous channels.

In this second part I shipped it with fully coding examples for the following topics:
  1. Working with the new Path Class.
  2. Metadata File Attributes.
  3. Working with Symbolic and Hard Links.
  4. New API for Files and Directories.
  5. The FileVisitor Interface.
  6. Monitoring via Watch Service API.
  7. New powerful Random Access Files.
  8. Networking with the Sockets APIs.
  9. The Asynchronous Channel API.
  10. Production tips.
In the link below find the code as Netbeans project, divided into sections based on topics above, and also includes the material that guides you in details from software pre-requisite to compile and run the code, full explanation of every line of code and testing scenarios.

NIO2 project code and material.

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