Thursday, June 13, 2013

JEE: Java EE 7 (Glassfish v4.0) is out, putting the productivity at your hands.

My participation:

I am so proud of being part of Adopt-A-JSR program and my involvement in the testing, evaluating and evangelist JEE 7 JSRs and related technologies.
Alongside FishCAT program that target the enhancement and stabilizing Glassfish version 4.0.

Java EE 7 is out:

The most interesting and productive shipped with plumbing of cutting-edge (innovative) technology support; Java Enterprise Edition 7 (JEE 7) is out for public, as promised to be released in Q2 of 2013. The JSR 342 Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 could be downloaded from here.

Java EE 7 release is being designed with primary focus on the following features:

  1. Higher Productivity.
  2. HTML5 Support.

Alongside JEE 7 specification release, its modular and most efficient reference implementation application server Glassfish v4.0 is out for development of JEE 7 applications, and could be downloaded from web site. In addition, it is the world's first Java EE 7 Application Server. web site redesigned with new clear, fresh design as well. It looks very neat.

For release notes, it could be downloaded from here.

There are also many examples to get start, which could be found in documentation section.

Java EE 7 IDE is out:

For sake of development and get your hands dirt with JEE 7 specification that should be tested on Glassfish v4.0, there is a Netbeans 7.3.1 IDE, which includes support for JEE 7 full JSRs stack. It could be also downloaded from Also, bear in mind that Netbeans JEE version includes Glassfish v4.0.

Consult the following page to see more IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) that supports Java EE 7 development: IDEs and plugins.

Try, Develop and have fun

As by now you have the JEE7 specification, Glassfish v4.0 and supported IDE Netbeans v7.3.1 (everything you need comes out-of-the-box without any plugin), so what are you waiting for, click to download and develop to get the feel of new smile of the technology.

Maven Development

For maven fans to develop a Java EE7 application here is the minimal POM pom.xml file:

For Java EE 7 Full Platform

For Java EE 7 Web Profile

For other Java EE 7 JSRs coordination, please visit Java EE 7 Maven Coordinates Wiki link.

Webcasts and Developer days

Besides the finished event "Java EE 7 Launch Webcast", there is another java developer day covering Java EE 7, SE, and Embedded named "Java Developer Day - June 25 - Java SE, Java EE & Java Embedded" that will be online at Tuesday, June 25, 2013, register here.

Tutorials and examples

Visit Java EE 7 Documentation: JEE 7 Tutorial, for full tutorials and examples on how to use the specification alongside its JSRs.

All my sessions, hacks and code contribution could be downloaded from this link under Adopt-A-JSR organization under Github Java EE 7 Hacks, codes and sessions.

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