Friday, December 7, 2012

Database: How to uninstall Oracle database 11g Enterprise edition?

I wanted to work on database 11g XE release 1 instead of 10g for evaluating the new features, especially those ones introduced in PL/SQL, but the main problem is from 5 months I tried to install XE on windows 7 x64 bit and oracle release only x86 bit version, and when I tried to install it I have got an error indicating that a registry key file is not located and installation doesn't continue, after a while I have downloaded Oracle database 11g release 2 enterprise edition and install it, but with the time I have found that it tooks a lot of memory and disk space on my local development laptop.

Today I have downloaded and installed the express edition 11g release 2 for small foot print in memory and disk as well, the installation goes successfully this time even the error raised but this time the installation continues till the end. After successful installation of XE edition I decided to remove the enterprise one.

By the way when check uninstall program tool in windows control panel, you will not find any installation entry for enterprise edition, for xe version only.

By convenience Oracle remove its database when you run the installer again and choose to remove the installed version from there, but with 11g the story is totally different this option isn't there! Oh then how to uninstall the database?

After some search in my local oracle installation home directory I have found the solution and here is it:
  1. Navigate for your oracle home directory on the path it was installed for example "C:\Oracle\database\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\deinstall".
  2. Inside the de-install folder right click on "deinstall.bat" run as Administrator.
  3. Wait till the tool runs and you should be asked about the version you want to de-install.
  4. Select your option and hit enter.
  5. Then you will be asked about the single listener list to be de-configured just hit enter key.
  6. Then you will be asked on database names to be also de-configured type all and hit enter.
  7. You will see message indicating that the database cleaning is in progress.
  8. After a while the tool will give you some checks and confirms that you would like to continue removing the database, type "y" and hit enter.
  9. After some minutes, all services should be removed and all major product folders will be deleted, if there are still any remaining folders, indeed you can delete it safely.
  10. Congratulation you are done.


  1. Good information, but when u will try to install Oracle xe11g on Windows 64 bit u will see some errors , here is the solution

    1. First thank you very much for sharing such information.

      This blog posts assumes that the error will prevent the installation, and provides a steps for solving the problem.

      In my instillation steps I have said that even you faced the problem just skip it and continue with your installation and everything will installed successfully, without going in detailed steps listed in the post you provide for solving the message that appears.