Thursday, January 17, 2013

Netbeans: JDK (jdkhome) not found use default one??

I frequently using Netbeans to test new functionalities, and at the same time always updating my JDK version to the most new version.

In my case I was using Netbeans 7.2.1 installed on JDK 7_u10 and for security issue there is a new JDK 7.0_u11 available to download, and I have downloaded it and install it and finally removing the old version u10.

When starting Netbeans you will get the following annoying message
If you hit YES the Netbeans use the new installed one and starts, but if you hit NO it will not start.

The problem is when you start it again it will show the same message even if you have registered the new JDK in platforms, and at the same time it doesn't update its configuration.

I have searched for the config file that it uses for lunching the next time. After one day of searching, I have found it inside the following location:


Open the file with you favorite text editor such Notepad++, and search for "netbeans_jdkhome"

And I changed it to

Run the Netbeans and the message disappeared ;)

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