Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flex 4: I18N (Internationalization)

To ensure that your applications are usable by the widest range of users, Flex 4 provides many accessibility, internationalization, and printing options.

For example, if your project must comply with accessibility standards, you’ll find screen-reader detection and keyboard tab orders to help visually impaired users, or users for whom the use of a pointing device is difficult or impossible.

Flex’s tool-set for internationalization and localization was much improved in Version 4. The localization features include a built-in internationalization resource manager, runtime locale determination, runtime locale switching, and resource modules that can be requested at runtime.

If your challenge is closer to home---say, if you need printed deliverables — the latest version of Flex has that covered too.

Flex 4 enables you to print Flex components and includes a DataGrid component specifically for printing repetitive, multipage output.

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