Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple: iPhone 5 comparing to iPhone 4s after trial in App Store SF, CA.

I have seen the "iPhone 5" and try it hardly in Apple San Francisco retail store, but i didn't admire with it i did't feel the Wow, In my comparing with iPhone 4s there is no difference between them except few things:
  1. Bigger screen 4" instead of 3.5" which is not the big deal.

  2. Processor A6 instead A5.

  3. Lighter than 4s by 40 Gm.

  4. All software features are in iOS 6 are the same for both phones.

  5. New EarPods witch could be bought separately and works with 4s.

lastly front camera is 1.4 m instead of VGA in 4s.

for me those changes is not the big deal that makes me changing my mind to buy iPhone 5.

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